I’m Benny and the maker behind AffTable!

Since 2016, I’ve been working on my Shopify App SPO under the SaaS model. In 2020, I decided to be a full-time maker to make my living by building more apps. My target is $2,500 / m. It’s small money for ramen profitability. Let’s see if I can meet my target in 2020! 💪🏼

The Story

You may wonder why I would like to develop a listing for SaaS applications. When I was developing SPO, I tried to write a long blog post to talk about my startup journey. it took me a week to finish the post. Since the time taken was a bit long, I wanted to compensate my cost by adding affiliate links of the tools I used. When I was googling, I found that there wasn’t a listing about these affiliate schemes.

I thought that it might benefit other podcasters, bloggers, influencers, youtubers, small communities or makers if I shared the data with the public. Also, the jobless rate is surging to an unprecedented level due to the coronavirus. It may help others to make a side income by monetizing their content.

AffTable - Find the best affiliate programs related to SaaS | Product Hunt Embed


Feel free to ping me on twitter: @bennyyChan For cooperation / advertising / guest posting, you can reach me via bennychan@sillycube.com

(SillyCube is the consulting firm I found in 2009. It’s another long story)