1. Added TerraStruct program!

    21th May 2020


    TerraStruct is a special diagram tool for complex software development. You can set up layers linking with each other. Good for organizing Software architecture in a human-readable way

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  2. 100 affiliate programs listed!

    18th May 2020

    There are more than 100 programs listed on AffTable now!

  3. Launched

    27th April 2020


    Launched on Product Hunt

    i don't expect the competition is so keen on Monday. AffTable can only get around 20 upvotes. Anyway, I am trying to spread the news to various communities like IndieHackers, Subreddits, Facebook groups, Quora, etc.

    If you like AffTable, please share it to your friends! Feel free to let us know your opinions!

  4. Worked Started

    14th April 2020


    Collecting the first 100 SaaS affiliate programs

    I am manually reading through the aff programs from 100 SaaS companies. It takes a long time to extract the data points from each program. But I believe the resulting table will be excellent